Fusion Trust

A little bit about us

Fusion Trust is a small charitable trust with wide community-oriented objectives. These include promoting individual and community development by furthering personal skills, artistic appreciation, sports, safety and community spirit through understanding of our environment, history and culture.

Our projects have included tidying the historic Woolston Cemetery, graffiti busting, running a variety of programmes in Canterbury’s prisons, mounting photographic exhibitions at Our City Otautahi Gallery, conducting New Zealand wide photographic competitions including that for the Festival of Flowers and Ellerslie Flower Show, running safety forums for the ACC, and participating in many road safety initiatives in conjunction with ACC, the Police and the NZ Transport Agency.

An ongoing and important part of our work is driver education including general driving instruction and Street Talk defensive driving advanced driving skills courses. We are working to reduce the social and financial costs of what is an unavoidable component of our modern lives.

We live by our motto:

By working together we achieve more”.

Who we are

Carole Green

Carole Green

In 2001 I worked developing Learner Driver courses for unemployed people in Christchurch which lead to successful driving programmes in Prisons within Christchurch.

Subsequently I worked with the Canterbury Highway Patrol in conjunction with the ACC to raise awareness of the dangers of driving while fatigued.

I have worked in various communities with ACC as a Safe to Go Technician educating parents on the safe use of vehicle child restraints. I have delivered educational programmes such as “If you are prepared to speed be prepared to kill” and promoted the “Practice Programme” for teenage drivers in secondary schools throughout Canterbury.

Since 2003 I have facilitated Street Talk defensive driving skills courses within the community and secondary schools.

Frank Green

Frank Green

A background in accounting and degree in psychology led me into road safety education over 10 years ago.

The appalling annual overall cost of motor vehicle crashes (NZ$4.15 billion in 2010.) is a huge drain quite apart from the humanitarian considerations. Road deaths are trending downward but injured accident survivors have increased.

I understand the psychological challenge of good driving which demands the maintenance of behaviour for which we are seldom, if ever, directly rewarded.

Truly alert drivers maintain high standards deal almost automatically with hazards which might trap unwary road users. Consequently they effectively save lives, or avoid deaths, through customary good road behaviour.

I am committed to continue working to make roads safer for all road users and save suffering.

Vanessa Brown

I have been involved with Fusion Trust since 2004. assisting with projects at the Trust like cleaning up/landscaping of the Woolston Cemetery, Graffiti Busters; cleaning up graffiti vandalism in the Heathcote/Ferrymead Ward, Safe to Go technician working in the community with child restraints and helping in the Fusion Trust Office.